TAG PRIZE – International photo contest – 1 ST Edition

► Art. 1 – Purpose
► Art. 2 – Requirements
► Art. 3 – Start and end 
► Art. 4 – Jury
► Art. 5 – Categories
► Art. 6 – Awards
► Art. 7 – Registration fee
► Art. 8 – Registration
► Art. 9 – Shipping or collection of the prize prints
► Art. 10 – Liability
► Art. 11 – Consent
► Art. 12 – Ineligibility and disqualification from the competition
► Art. 13 – General terms and conditions

► Art. 1 – Purpose

The TAG – Tevere Art Gallery cultural association marks its 1st international photography prize aimed at promoting the art of analogical and digital photography with the TAG PRIZE.
The competition envisages prizes aimed at the dissemination and promotion of the art, an exhibition of all finalists in Rome at the TAG – Tevere Art Gallery, and, as a final prize for the winners, a prestigious exhibition in Arles, with FINE ART 50 × 75 cm prints, set-up and transport.
No cash prizes will be awarded.
Special mentions will be awarded by the jurors.

► Art. 2 – Requirements

To participate, you must be over 18 years of age at the time of registration.
Everyone can participate; professional, amateur and beginner photographers of any nationality.
Members of the jury, organizers and their first and second degree family members are not eligible for the competition.

► Art. 3 – Start and end

Applications must be received no later than the expiry date of the competition published on the website page:

► Art. 4 – Jury

Photographs will be selected by an illustrious international jury, composed as follows:
Jury President
Luciano Corvaglia

Livia Corbò
Yannick De Laviolette
Christophe Laloi
Marcello Mencarini
Grazia Neri

► Art. 5 – Categories

Single Photograph
Photographs in black and white or colour, digital or analogue, that individually have their own sense. Up to 5 unrelated images per candidate may be submitted.

Photographic Project
A series of coherent and related photographs that tell or document a story, message or personal research. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 photographs must be submitted.

► Art. 6 – Awards

Exhibition in Arles dedicated to the winners, during the inauguration week of Rencontres 2018.
5 FINE ART photographic prints cm 50×75/60×60, printed by Luciano Corvaglia for each winner, aimed to the exhibition in Arles, transport of the prints from the laboratory in Rome to Arles and back. 
Preparation and supervision of the exhibition.
Selected finalists will participate in the collective exhibition in Rome at the TAG – Tevere Art Gallery on 1st June 2018, with supervision and costs borne by the organizing committee. Winners of Tag Prize will be announced during the exhibition.
A printed catalogue of the exhibition, with the finalists’ photographs, will be produced.
No monetary alternatives or alternatives of any nature will be offered for any prize. The selected photos of the finalists will be published on the TAG – Tevere Art Gallery website.
There are no alternatives in money or other nature for no prize.
The finalists will be announced via the webpage of the competition and subsequently contacted by email before may 2018. The winners will be informed via email.
The complete name or pseudonym of each participant whose work is selected as a winner or finalist will be published online together with the selected images.
All finalists and winners may be requested to submit high resolution or original files.
Digital signatures or frames are not allowed in the image.
The decisions of the jury are final and unappealable.

► Art. 7 – Registration fee

The fee includes membership of the TAG – Tevere Art Gallery cultural association and partial coverage of the organization and management expenses and is:
Single Photograph (from 1 to 5 photos): 1 photo €30, +€15 for every additional photo up to max. 5 per candidate.
Photographic Project (from 5 to 15 photos): €45

► Art. 8 – Registration

To register, fill out the form on the official website:
No registration applications received by mail or by email, or any other form, will be considered.
The TAG – Tevere Art Gallery cultural association reserves the right to disqualify all works that do not comply with the rules of the competition and all those deemed obscene and/or defamatory.
The registration will be taken into account only upon payment of the fee.
Once submitted, the registration cannot be further modified. In case of any related necessity, send an email to [email protected] quoting surname, name and ID code assigned by the system and sent by email to the participant.
Progress in the compilation of the form may be saved and resumed at a later time. Just note the link appearing on the webpage after clicking “Save and continue”.

Payment of the registration fee can be made by:

    • PAYPAL (account or credit card)
      Paypal account or credit card.
      Indicate in the adequate space to be filled your Name, Surname and ID number assigned.
    • Bank transfer

      Banca Unicredit Rome
IBAN: IT86I0200805057000103200923 – BIC/SWIFT UNCRITM1B12 – in the name of ASS.NE CULTURALE TEVERE ART GALLERY
Motive: TAG PRIZE 2018 registration, candidate name, surname and telephone number.
Bank transfer payment charges are not accepted, under penalty of registration cancellation. Reference number assigned by the system, category (single / project).
    • Cash to the secretariat of TAG – Tevere Art Gallery
      TAG – Tevere Art Gallery, Via di Santa Passera, 25 – 00146 Rome, Italy, Tel. (+39) 065561290, from Mon. to Fri. 10.30am – 1pm and 3.30pm – 7pm.

Submission of files: Photographs are to be submitted through the registration form, saved in .jpeg/.jpg format with 1200px long side and named as follows: first three letters of participant’s surname and a progressive number; for the Project category, this number will also indicate the reading sequence of the photographs; e.g. Carlo Rossi, third photo, will be: ROS03.jpeg.

The theme is open to free interpretation.

► Art. 9 – Shipping or collection of the prize prints

Once the exhibition in Arles has ended, the supervision of which is under the responsibility of TAG, the two winners may request the prints with shipping at their own expense or may pick them up in Via di Santa Passera 25, in Rome, Italy. 
The prints will be stored at TAG for a maximum of 6 months from the end of the exhibition. After the 6 month period, the prints will be destroyed unless the author has made preparations in agreement with TAG for shipping or picking up.
The TAG shall not be held liable for loss of or damage to the prizes during transport and shall not replace them in case of any damage or loss.

► Art. 10 – Liability

The Tevere Art Gallery cultural association, while ensuring utmost care and custody of the works, declines all liability for any theft, fire or damage of any kind to works or people that may occur during the entire time of the event and its organization. Any insurance must be taken out by the artist separately.

► Art. 11 – Consent

Each photographer holds the rights to his/her images, but transfers to the Tevere Art Gallery cultural association, for no fee, the rights of reproduction and exhibition of all the works and texts submitted, without exception, for translation and communication to the public, for production of the Finalists Exhibition catalogue, for publication on the website and for other forms of communication, promotion and activities linked to the organization of the competition.
Each candidate expressly authorizes the Tevere Art Gallery cultural association, in addition to any of its direct delegates, to process submitted personal data pursuant to Italian Law 675/96 (‘Privacy Act’), as supplemented by Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (‘Privacy Code’), also for the purposes of inclusion in databases managed by the aforementioned persons. Participation in the competition implies membership of the Tevere Art Gallery cultural association and acceptance of its bylaws and of the TAG Prize competition rules.

By registering for the competition, you accept this regulation implicitly, in its entirety and without any exception.

► Art. 12 – Ineligibility and disqualification from the competition

Photographs will not be admitted to the competition if the respective author has not properly filled out and submitted to the competition the respective registration form and attachments, if the registration fee has not been paid, if files cannot be opened or images appear corrupted or feature texts or logos.
Photographs will be disqualified from the competition if they present deceitful, offensive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, provocative, pornographic or difamatory content.
Participants may be disqualified, and therefore lose any right to a prize, if he/she has registered more than once with different information, has submitted personal data that is incorrect or false, has submitted photos of which he/she is not the author or full rights holder, has not sent files of a superior quality in time when requested or behaves in a polemical, abusive or defamatory manner in relation to the Tevere Art Gallery and/or to members of the jury.
In all the aforementioned cases, the registration fee paid by the participant shall not be refunded.

► Art. 13 – General terms and conditions

No refunds are to be made.
By registering for the competition, the participant implicitly declares:
To accept unconditionally the rules, regulations, terms and conditions herein;
To possess all the copyrights and rights of use of photographs submitted;
To assume all liabilities, whether civil or criminal, deriving from any disputes or claims relating to the image rights or rights of use of the photographs submitted and their contents, and accordingly to hold Tevere Art Gallery free from any such liabilities;
That each person portrayed in photographs submitted has given consent to be portrayed so;
To acknowledge that Tevere Art Gallery and any partners of the event do not assume any liability for and are not responsible for any improper use of the images.
Any paid registration fee shall only be refunded in the case of the cancellation of the competition by TAG.
Winners may not request the substitution of prizes or their conversion into money.
TAG reserves the right to make any changes to these regulations if necessary in order to improve the running of the competition.
Tevere Art Gallery assumes no responsibility for any inaccurate, false or incomplete information provided by users of the website or any device or program associated with or used in the competition. Furthermore Tevere Art Gallery assumes no responsibility for any technical, hardware or software failures of any kind, for the loss of network connections, for disturbed computer transmissions or for other problems or technical malfunctions in relation to the competition. Tevere Art Gallery assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, corruption, interruption, cancellation, defect or delay in operations or transmissions, for any failures in communications, for any theft or destruction, for any unauthorized access or for any alteration of the submitted works. Tevere Art Gallery assumes no responsibility for any technical problem or malfunction of any network or telephone line, online computer system, server, computer equipment or software or for non-delivery of any email addressed to Tevere Art Gallery due to technical problems, human errors, internet traffic congestion or any website, or any combination of the aforementioned, including any harm or damage to your computer or that of any other person connected to or relating to participation in the competition or the downloading of the material of the competition. Tevere Art Gallery assumes no responsibility in cases in which, for any reason whatsoever, the photograph of a participant may not be viewed or presented as envisaged due to causes including, but not limited to, infections by computer viruses, bugs, tampering, unauthorized interventions, fraud or technical malfunctions,.
In the event that a sufficient number of images to allow an adequate selection is not reached, Tevere Art Gallery reserves the right to cancel the competition. In such case, the fees paid by participants (but not the costs incurred to make such payments) shall be reimbursed.
The files of unselected photographs will be destroyed at the end of the selection period.