The Exquisite Corpse

The Exquisite Corpse is an event organized by Tevere Art Gallery (TAG) and by the artist and curator Virginia Zeqireya

TAG is a new exhibition centre in Rome, a testing ground where arts interact to create unique events in the city.

During these monthly encounters, the gallery wants to be an empty drawing board that invites different creative minds to express themselves. Just as in the surrealist pastime Le cadaver exquis, in which artists used to create fortuitous compositions, literary or figurative works, the gallery wants to devolve itself upon chance and collective creation.

We invite therefore artists of any age, using any art form, from all parts of the community and the world to leave a sign of their creativity at the gallery. The gallery will not provide thematic or technical indications: we want to give life to a unique, heterogeneous and stimulating experience, new and different every month.

The event wants to highlight a new concept of exhibition centre as a place where sculpture, painting, video, photography, performance and art installations can meet without rules, a free expression of the creative flair of the authors. A gallery that enable artists to meet each other, and the public to be part of the event interacting with the artists during the day.


9th – 10th of January 2015 from 7 pm to  11 pm

Saturday 9th of January:

• h. 7 pm Installation of the exhibition
ARMFig_8 • h. 8 pm – 11 pm Drink, food, etc…

Sunday 6th of December:

• h. 7 pm Free entry
• h. 11 pm Dismantling the exhibition

Free entry
TAG membership card compulsory (free of charge)



The days dedicated to The Exquisite Corpse exhibitions are opened to all artists working with all kind of contemporary art forms (painting, sculpture, photography, installation, videos, performance, and illustration).

There will be no selection process.


Participation is free of charge.
Costs incurred for the creation of the artwork will be covered the artists.
P&P costs will be covered by the artists.

At the end of the exhibition TAG – Tevere Art Gallery will provide to ship the artwork back to the owners/artists; p&p costs will be covered by the recipient.


The Gallery shall not be held liable for any kind of accidents and/or injures to persons or damages to property before, during and after the event, including shipment, installation and exhibition of the artwork. Artist will be completely liable for their own artistic work.  Tevere Art Gallery will guarantee to take every precaution to avoid damages to the artwork for artists who will not be able to be present during the exhibition.

In case the number of artwork submitted should exceed the TAG space dedicated to the exhibition, the gallery reserves the right to postpone the exhibit of the latest received artwork to the following months. Should this occur, TAG will take care to communicate the postponement to the artists.

In case of unforeseen circumstances TAG shall have the right to stop the exhibition postponing it to the following month.

the Saturday or Sunday scheduled for the exhibition should coincide with a festivity, the exhibition will be postponed to the following week-end.

During the exhibition, artists have the right to offer their own artwork for sale. Artists will determine the price of their own artwork. The gallery will apply a 50% commission fee.

How to participate:

The Exquisite corpse is a monthly exhibition which will take place every first week-end of the month. To take part to the exhibition artists are requested to confirm their participation at least seven days before the exhibition’s scheduled day. Artists should also factor in sufficient time to ensure timely delivery of the artwork.

Each artist is allowed to present a minimum of one artwork, up to a maximum of three. To apply, artists are requested to fill the form below. After receiving the filled in form, TAG will take care to contact the artist by e-mail to confirm the participation.

In case of artwork requiring specific installation, artists not able to be present are requested to provide TAG with all the relevant information for the installation, in the absence of which the artwork will not be showcased.

Application form: